Informative Emails Sent this Week

Email #1: If you will be on our 2-Cities Marathon gig, please sign up to bring food/drinks. Its a long gig and the kids will be able to eat in between their sets :>) BEST GIG EVER!!!!

You have been invited by Carey Karle to sign up for "Food - 2 Cities Marathon 2018". Please click on the button below to view the online sign up sheet.

Email #2: Important things to know & remember for We Got The Beat:

This Sunday, food will be provided for We Got The Beat/Beyond The Beat after we perform & pack up

For November 4th, I emailed a food sign up sheet for all participants. This is a 2-hour-ish long gig. All players will be able to eat in between their playing sets. We provide continuous music for the runners/walkers, so it is important to keep the Beaters fueled :>)

Our BIG Show is confirmed for April 5, 2019 7pm at Clovis Hills Church

Our very important tech rehearsal at Clovis Hills will be Thursday April 4 starting at 6pm (Primary Beaters show up at 7pm). It goes until we are finished. Usually around 8:30pm

We Got The Beat/Beyond The Beat Camp will be June 10-14 2019

This is one week earlier than we have been having camp

This is the week right after FUSD & CUSD lets out

This means we do NOT need to set up on Fathers Day (YAY!!!!!!!)

Please mark your calendars and keep these events in mind as other events come up.

Email #3: Got this from Lively Arts. Let me know SOON if you are interested in attending the Best of the West Show

Hi Brenda,

You have been so supportive of our taiko presentations (TAO is returning to Fresno in2020), that I would like to offer your group tickets to Best of the West! Sunday, November 4 at the Saroyan. We can do a deep discount or comp those who cannot afford a ticket. I think all drummers should experience the performing arts including dance!

Show will be very enjoyable and entertaining.

Best wishes,

Email #4: TODAY I have a few other concert opportunities.

#1 is STOMP is coming to Bakersfield (but NOT Fresno) on Sunday March 3 at 3:00pm.

This will be our BUS trip for this year. YAY!!!!! Here is how this works

WGTB will pay for all WGTB to go

Tickets are $33.50ea. If you would like to pay WGTB for your Beater’s ticket, that money will be counted towards your fundraising goal

WGTB will pay for your Beater’s seat on the bus (exact cost to be determined). If you would like to pay WGTB for your Beater’s bus seat, that money will be counted towards your fundraising goal

Any parent/family member riding the bus will need to pay for their seat. THAT money WILL be counted towards your fundraising goal.

You do NOT need to pay for anything until after the first of the year. And as long as I have the money before the day of the trip, that is fine

Fun Fact: Richard our lead main room camp teacher (now professor of Jazz Studies at Fresno State) was a member of Stomp for 10 years!

We really want all the Beaters riding the bus. This is a tremendous opportunity for bonding. Most Beaters remember the bus ride more than anything else :>) Parents who are coming are welcome to ride the bus or follow along in their cars. All parking costs would be on you not WGTB.

Please let me know ASAP how many tickets you will be wanting. I need to get an order in before TX go on sale to the public.

#2 Fleetwood Mac is coming to Fresno Thursday, December 6th. I mention this because one of my first students EVER (pre WGTB) is the percussionist! If you have any money left after Lion King I highly recommend attending. My husband and I will be attending with comp tickets provided by Taku Hirano ( my student the percussionist). FYI: I expect comp tickets from ALL my students when you reach rock star status! :>)

#3 Elton John is coming to Fresno Tuesday, January 15th. His percussionist, Ray Cooper ( is BIG TIME! He alone is worth the price of admission! I highly recommend taking your Beater if you possibly can.

I LOVE letting my Beater families know about these things. Nothing beats a personal experience. You never know if you will ever get another chance to catch world class players live again.

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Welcome to We Got The Beat

Fastest way to know what is going on:

Members Website

Go to

Click on Members

Password: WGTB14 (ALL CAPS)

Here you can:

·      Pay tuition

·      Get Info on Up-Coming Gigs

·      Read Directors Blog (this will be my first blog of the year)

Like We Got The Beat Youth Percussion Band on Facebook. I put a lot of interesting music videos and info there. I also post pictures there

Ask to join the WGTB Families private facebook group. Here you can find out how other parents handle WGTB issues, ask about carpools, etc.

Like wegotthebeatpercband on Instagram

Parents Guide to Gig Etiquette

We've got our first gig on Friday September 7th.  Here's (almost) everything you need to know about gigs.

Check the Members Website (see above) I try very hard to put everything you need to know on the Up-Coming Gigs page

·      Please avoid coming to me during practice and asking a question about a gig until you've checked the website. I often don't remember details of each specific gig off the top of my head so read the website before asking

o   You can also try asking the front table mom or veteran parent. They are experienced at this sort of thing

Be On Time - Please always ALWAYS be ON TIME for gigs.  It's really stressful to the group if you're late and we don't know where you are.  If you are usually time challenged, please be very aware of call times for kids.  Early is okay  - Late is BAD.  

·      If you ever need to be late to a gig, please text Lexi & Brenda so we know when to expect you

·      If your kid is too sick to perform on the day of a gig, we need to know as soon as possible so we can work on replacing parts.  If your child ever needs to miss a gig, we MUST know by the rehearsal before the gig so we can prepare    

Make Sure Kids Are Dressed Properly: I will put wardrobe requirements on the Up-Coming Gigs page for each gig.  Please make sure to read the information to see if everyone needs to wear the same shirt or if any shirt will do.     

Here are some general rules:

·      WGTB on top, black on bottom

·      If it's an outside gig - dress for the weather 

·      No sunglasses (we need to be able to see eyes)

·      WGTB head gear i.e. hats/visors/beanies are the only acceptable head gear for gigs. We have these available all year

·      Warm weather black shorts are okay WITH BLACK SOCKS or no socks.  If kids are wearing shorts, black shoe are best but any shoes are usually good

·      Cool weather WGTB shirt on the outside

·      Don't wear a jacket over your WGTB shirt 

·      If you don’t have a WGTB sweatshirt for this year, Beaters can wear SOLID BLACK long sleeve turtle/mock necks or t-shirts under their performance shirt.  NO OTHER COLORS PLEASE.  

·      Inside gigs - Most inside gigs we wear our official outfit, so that means long pants and solid black shoes.  Again, read the Gigs Page for details

·      On The Bottom - Skirts should be long enough so Beaters can bend over without anything showing that shouldn't

·      NO LEGGINGS OR YOGA PANTS.  If kids are wearing leggings or yoga pants, they need shorts or a skirt over them.  BOTTOM LINE - NO TIGHT PANTS 


SHIRTS - Any WGTB shirt means any shirt (plain color or tie dye)

We currently have a stash of gig clothes that kids have outgrown. Ask the front table mom on your practice day. You can take whatever fits.  If you have gig clothes your kid has outgrown, send them in and we will offer them as well.

Why all the wardrobe rules?  Because it looks better.

Check your texts on practice & gig days - Sometimes last minute changes come up with gigs and I need to get info to families asap.  I use my texting app to communicate important info.  If it is too long for a text, I’ll text to let you know I emailed something to you (like this infor :>)

Making noise is Good - When the audience is involved, the kids tend to play better.  That means it's good to clap after solos (but not too long as to cover up the following solo).  Make lots of noise after songs.  Of course, yelling from the audience wouldn't be appropriate at every gig.  Use your best judgement to decide when noise is appropriate. Feel free to error on the side of LOUD : >)

Stay In The Back  - We want to reach a new audience so leave the front open for non-Beater people.  If the entire front of our audience is made up of WGTB parents, people unfamiliar with us won't have a place to view our group.  So, please sit/stand in the back of the audience at gigs.

Your Kids Have Jobs - All Secondary kids will have jobs to do at gigs. 

·      EVERYONE helps get our van & trailer UNLOADED before a gig

·      After the gig, the Secondary students have specific jobs to do

·      After the van & trailer are loaded, we will let them go. They need to stay at gigs until all the work is done.  Please do not take your Secondary kid from a gig until after all the work is done if at all possible

·      As the year goes on we will have the Primary kids help more and more 

Leaving a Gig - Parents should come to the van & trailer to pick up your Beater. Please DO NOT take your kid from a gig without checking in with a teacher first. 

Take Pictures - Please take lots of pictures at gigs and then post them on our secret WGTB Family FB page as soon as you can.  This is where I get pictures for our public Facebook page and our website.  Post both performance pics and fun pics.  

Videos - If you want to share a video that you took at a gig, it is best to only share it on our secret family FB page!  Please DO NOT post a gig video and make it public.  Sometimes it's hard for parents to realize the disaster that just happened in a song so please leave the public video posting to Brenda & Lexi.  Thanks for understanding. 

I Don't Mean To Be Rude, But . . .  I try not to be like this but sometimes when I'm really focused on something at a gig, it's not a good idea to ask me a question that can wait until after things calm down.  Preparing for a gig can be a bit stressful (there are things going on that you guys don't know about) so it may be better to ask veteran parent if you have a question at a gig.

Please Come to Practice!

·      We need all kids to attend all rehearsals 

·      Please DO NOT use WGTB as a punishment if kids don't do their homework or mess up at school or home. This may seem like a punishment for your kid but it actually effects all of us when your kid is absent from Practice

·      Please never use these phrases when explaining absences:  

"I will have my child practice at home."

"My child knows all their parts."

That's not what it's about.  We expect kids to practice at home and know all their parts.  Rehearsal time is when we work as a team to put our tunes together.  We need everyone there to produce the best product that we can.

Absences - We understand that things come up.  Please keep us informed about what's going on so we can plan our instruction.

Hopefully this helps all of us have a GREAT WGTB Experience!