Overview of the Rest of this Year

  • The month of March we are preparing for our BIG Show on April 5. Mandatory Tech Rehearsal the evening of April 4. If you haven’t already, Please mark your calendars

  • Our BIG Show tickets are here. They are only $10 per adult and $5 kids. Kids kindergarten and under are FREE. 100% of what you sell gets credited to your fund-raising account
    Beater family members need to pay for a ticket BUT again, 100% of what you sell/buy gets credited to your fundraising account
    Jamba Juice cards (6 BOGO per card) are also available ALL YEAR. Cost is $10. You get $5 credited to your account for every card you buy

    NOW through April 5

  • We will be preparing specifically for our BIG Show during this month. We will want to play our best show on that night. We will be evaluating which configuration of Beaters makes the band sound the best on each tune. Please be sure to check our Up-Coming Gigs page for details on April 4 and 5. All Beaters are working on parts for the Beyond The Beat song Natural. We will be closing our concert with ALL BEATERS on stage playing at the same time!

  • WE NEED PARENT HELP THE NIGHTS OF OUR TECH REHEARSAL AND THE BIG Show. Please sign up to help at: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0D48AEA628A2FD0-thebig1

  • We have 2 gigs BEFORE our BIG Show on April 5. Please check our Up-Coming Gigs page here on the website and/or check the Gigs Sheet at practice. We want ALL Beaters at ALL gigs if possible

  • We move Beaters around parts as much as we can. Once your Beater earns a solo or drum part (they do this by showing us in practice they can do it) they very well could be on a different part each performance

  • This is also a great time to start talking to your school principal, EVENT coordinator (not necessarily a school) or whoever schedules gigs. A school assembly is the BEST way to introduce students to WGTB. If that isn't possible, playing the school carnival, multi-cultural day, etc. is the next best thing. Once the school/organization agrees to consider having us, please give them my contact info or give me theirs if they prefer I contact them

  • We could use MORE community gigs to increase our exposure

  • CAMP IS JUNE 10-14, 2019

  • This is the week right after Fresno & Clovis get out of school (no week in between this year).

  • WGTB comes to our building SUNDAY June 9th at 12:30pm to move equipment into place for camp

    April 10 through May 31

  • More gigs to play, new tunes to learn, more parts to learn, more instruments to get better on. For some Beaters, all their efforts to figure out how to be successful in WGTB start to come together. All the training finally is sinking in. Lots of progress happens during this time

  • May 28/29 will be our last rehearsal

  • The Beaters always enjoy a weekend swim party during this time of year. If any parents would like to volunteer their pool, the Beaters would appreciate it

  • This week is also the last payment week for those paying monthly

  • June 3 through 7 NO PRACTICES

  • We typically have school gigs during June

  • CAMP IS JUNE 10-14, 2019

  • This is the week right after Fresno & Clovis get out of school (no week in between this year).

  • WGTB comes to our building SUNDAY June 9th at 12:30pm to move equipment into place for camp

  • All returning Beaters NEED to be at camp. This is when we lay the foundation for our up-coming year

  • 3rd Graders for next year come 9-noon

  • This year’s rookie 3rd Graders (4th graders next year) come from 1:i30pm-4:30pm
    Current 2nd-year 3rd grader & 4th+ Graders for next year come from 1-5pm
    All current 6+ Beaters graduating to Beyond The Beat NEED to attend Beyond The Beat camp which meets 5:30pm-8:30pm of that week


  • By raising more than your $250 fundraising goal, you can choose to have the extra money credited to your camp fee

  • Camp cost for Beaters is $150.00 IF you pay all of it yourself

  • If paying through Inspire Charter, the cost is $195 (no discount)

  • If you choose to fund-raise all or part of your camp fee, the cost is $195. That is the full cost of camp

  • Discounted fees are for those families paying totally out of pocket

    July: OFF

August 2019 first week of WGTB: Primary Tuesday August 6, 4-6pm; Secondary Wednesday August 7, 4-6pm

Informative Emails Sent this Week

Email #1: If you will be on our 2-Cities Marathon gig, please sign up to bring food/drinks. Its a long gig and the kids will be able to eat in between their sets :>) BEST GIG EVER!!!!

You have been invited by Carey Karle to sign up for "Food - 2 Cities Marathon 2018". Please click on the button below to view the online sign up sheet.


Email #2: Important things to know & remember for We Got The Beat:

This Sunday, food will be provided for We Got The Beat/Beyond The Beat after we perform & pack up

For November 4th, I emailed a food sign up sheet for all participants. This is a 2-hour-ish long gig. All players will be able to eat in between their playing sets. We provide continuous music for the runners/walkers, so it is important to keep the Beaters fueled :>)

Our BIG Show is confirmed for April 5, 2019 7pm at Clovis Hills Church

Our very important tech rehearsal at Clovis Hills will be Thursday April 4 starting at 6pm (Primary Beaters show up at 7pm). It goes until we are finished. Usually around 8:30pm

We Got The Beat/Beyond The Beat Camp will be June 10-14 2019

This is one week earlier than we have been having camp

This is the week right after FUSD & CUSD lets out

This means we do NOT need to set up on Fathers Day (YAY!!!!!!!)

Please mark your calendars and keep these events in mind as other events come up.

Email #3: Got this from Lively Arts. Let me know SOON if you are interested in attending the Best of the West Show

Hi Brenda,

You have been so supportive of our taiko presentations (TAO is returning to Fresno in2020), that I would like to offer your group tickets to Best of the West! Sunday, November 4 at the Saroyan. We can do a deep discount or comp those who cannot afford a ticket. I think all drummers should experience the performing arts including dance!

Show will be very enjoyable and entertaining.

Best wishes,

Email #4: TODAY I have a few other concert opportunities.

#1 is STOMP is coming to Bakersfield (but NOT Fresno) on Sunday March 3 at 3:00pm.

This will be our BUS trip for this year. YAY!!!!! Here is how this works

WGTB will pay for all WGTB to go

Tickets are $33.50ea. If you would like to pay WGTB for your Beater’s ticket, that money will be counted towards your fundraising goal

WGTB will pay for your Beater’s seat on the bus (exact cost to be determined). If you would like to pay WGTB for your Beater’s bus seat, that money will be counted towards your fundraising goal

Any parent/family member riding the bus will need to pay for their seat. THAT money WILL be counted towards your fundraising goal.

You do NOT need to pay for anything until after the first of the year. And as long as I have the money before the day of the trip, that is fine

Fun Fact: Richard our lead main room camp teacher (now professor of Jazz Studies at Fresno State) was a member of Stomp for 10 years!

We really want all the Beaters riding the bus. This is a tremendous opportunity for bonding. Most Beaters remember the bus ride more than anything else :>) Parents who are coming are welcome to ride the bus or follow along in their cars. All parking costs would be on you not WGTB.

Please let me know ASAP how many tickets you will be wanting. I need to get an order in before TX go on sale to the public.

#2 Fleetwood Mac is coming to Fresno Thursday, December 6th. I mention this because one of my first students EVER (pre WGTB) is the percussionist! If you have any money left after Lion King I highly recommend attending. My husband and I will be attending with comp tickets provided by Taku Hirano (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taku_Hirano my student the percussionist). FYI: I expect comp tickets from ALL my students when you reach rock star status! :>)

#3 Elton John is coming to Fresno Tuesday, January 15th. His percussionist, Ray Cooper (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Cooper) is BIG TIME! He alone is worth the price of admission! I highly recommend taking your Beater if you possibly can.

I LOVE letting my Beater families know about these things. Nothing beats a personal experience. You never know if you will ever get another chance to catch world class players live again.

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