Phase 2 for We Got The Beat

Congratulations on completing the first phase of WGTB yesterday at the Caruthers Fair.  The improvement from our Friday gig to our Saturday gig was noticed by a bunch of parents.  It was pretty cool. Not only are the Beaters improving their performance, they have been GREAT about unloading, setting up and packing up. Logistics are going much smoother than normal for this time of year.  Parents have been great about helping out as well. Thank you all very much.

Now we begin phase 2 of our year. This is when we give more Beaters chances to show they are ready to play drum parts on our tunes as well as take solos. They have had a chance to experience hearing and watching others do it. Now, they will be given opportunities to show they can do it too. This takes listening at home, and trying to figure out how to do it. Paying close attention during practice while other Beaters are trying is important as well.  We will give them short demos and small group learning opportunities, but most of the work happens at home. Also, please let me know if someone at home can read music and I will send you the charts we use to teach keyboard parts.

We will begin to put a Brazilian drum section together so both groups play it together on the tune Brazil in time for our Humboldt trip. HSU has a Brazilian group and we like the kids to be familiar with Brazilian music so they can better appreciate what the HSU group is playing. Plus, we may be able to get some of the HSU students to join in with us that night :>)


We have 2 gigs on the weekend of October 16, 17. I've known I will be out of town that week since before we got these offers.  Tony Manjarrez, the director of Beyond The Beat, arranger of WGTB tunes and my main assistant will be in charge of both Tuesday and Wednesday practices and the gigs. The new Primary Beaters haven't met him yet because typically he can't make our Tuesday practices but I will tell you, all the kids LOVE TONY! He has subbed for me before on gigs and does a great job.

Please check the Up-Coming Gigs page for details on both gigs.  It would be great if I could get confirmations from everyone by the end of this week.

Carry ON!