The parents who were at the meeting tonight all seemed in favor of WGTB heading up to Humboldt State University in Arcata CA December 4, 5 & 6. Its a big trip but well worth the effort. The 2 biggest pros to this trip are the group bonding that happens when kids spend that much time together on a bus and the musical confidence they gain from the response they receive from the Humboldt State students and community members when they play for them.

In an effort to NOT rehash my original email, please refer to the ROAD TRIP email I sent out on Monday.. I pasted it below this email

Please read the information below carefully.  I need to know how many are coming from your family ASAP as in NEXT WEEK.  I will tentatively reserve bus(es) and hotel rooms tomorrow.

It takes about 10 hours total to get to Arcata with 2 stops and this many people.  We would like to leave as early on Friday December 4 as possible. The parents felt it would be easy to get kids out of school by 9:30am without penalty for the student or school. I need you to check with your school/teacher to see what their policy is. If we can leave early enough, we can get all the way up on Friday. That makes Saturday a LOT less busy.

Saturday late morning we will tour the world-class marimba factory, Marimba One. They emailed me yesterday saying they would LOVE to have us back.

We will set up and have a sound check at some point and then have some more down time at our hotel. We will meet up again with the Humboldt people about 5pm for dinner and then get ready for our show.  

We will start playing about 7:30pm playing for people as they come in. The official show starts at 8pm. We will save and play our best songs on the 20-minute time slot we have.  After we play, the HSU World Percussion group will play and then the Calypso Band. The concert ends around 10:30pm. Its a long night but one they will remember FOREVER! And so will you parents :>)

WGTB will pay for every Beater's seat on the bus and spot in the hotel rooms.
Parents are welcome to buy a seat on the bus(es) for $75 (total)
If you choose to drive yourself, PLEASE PUT YOUR BEATER ON THE BUS at least on the way up. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for your Beater to have this time to bond with the rest of the band.
Cost for parent/family spots in the hotel rooms is $34.00ea.
So for 1 parent and 1 Beater your cost would be $68 for 2 nights. This is assuming another Beater and parent are sharing your room with you.  If you choose to be alone with your Beater, you would need to pay for 3 of the 4 spots in the room ($204 for 2 nights).
Food costs on the road will be the responsibility of the families. If this is the only reason your Beater would be unable to make the trip, please let me know and WGTB will find a way to pay for their food
Breakfast is provided by the Hotel
Lunch & dinner on Saturday for the Beaters will be paid for by WGTB. Family costs to be determined.
There is one more cost I forgot about.  Tickets to the concert.  Because this event is in a community theatre, we will have to pay for tickets into the show.  The HSU director is working on getting us a great deal on tickets.  I'll let you know when I find out. I believe they will be under $10
ADOPTING A BEATER: If no parent of a Beater can make the trip, the Beater is still welcome and HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to come.  We will find a WGTB family to adopt them for the weekend. We have LOTS of GREAT parents in the group who would welcome the opportunity to help out. They will make sure your child is watched and cared for all weekend. Let me know and we will find a good fit for your Beater.

I believe the strongest voices in the room last night were those of the 3 moms would had Beaters on the trip 4 years ago.  Those kids were in 2nd and 3rd grade at the time and are still with us this year as 5 year veterans. That trip altered all their lives in a positive way and bonded them to each other and WGTB.

We don't want anyone to miss this trip if at all possible.  Please talk to me before making a final decision NOT to be a part of it.  I will do everything I can to make it work for you financially & emotionally :>)

Things I need to know NOW (copy & paste this list with your answers:
Is your Beater going

Things I need to know NOW (copy & paste this list with your answers:
Is your Beater going (please answer YES :>)
What is the earliest your Beater can be taken out of school
Is a parent or more going on the trip
Are you driving your own car
How many extra bus seats will your family want
How many are staying in your hotel room
Do you want to share a room with another Beater & Parent
Do you have a preference as to who you room with
Do you need a family to adopt your Beater for the weekend
Are you willing to adopt a Beater traveling alone

I told the families last night that I keep a certain amount of money just for opportunities like this.  So far WGTB can cover about 1/2 the costs of the trip.
We are counting on parents taking care of their fund-raising goal to in the end help with the rest of the costs.  
Jamba Juice Cards: If you or friends/family of yours like Jamba Juice this is a WIN for them.  They WILL save $$$. These cards are good at virtually any JJ in the Continental USA (the few exceptions are listed on the back) AND they NEVER expire! You can pick them up at the front table.

Here is the link to their fund-raising page:

Basically, we would sell $20 tickets for a meal selected from their list. The cost for each ticket is about $12, so we/YOU would make $8 for each ticket sold.
Meals can be redeemed at either Tahoe Joe's and can be dine in or take out
My husband and I have participated in these for other organizations. Tahoe Joe's does a GREAT job of organization and execution of the meals
If we like this idea, I was thinking a Sunday might be the easiest day for people to particpate.


Hi Everyone,

This morning I received an emailed ofiicial invitation for WGTB to take a bus trip up to Arcata CA where Humboldt State University is.  These are past friends of ours. 4 years ago WGTB traveled up there to play a concert with the Calypso Band and World Percussion group.  They have invited us back for their December 5 concert.

This is a spectacular trip. Not only do our kids get a chance to see and interact with larger versions of themselves playing the same kind of music we play but the HSU kids LOVE WGTB. They think we are as cool as WGTB thinks they are.

Another cool thing is Arcata is where Marimba One, the world standard of professional marimbas are made.  We toured their factory the last time we were there. It is a fantastic tour.

AND you can't beat a 2-day bus trip for bonding a group together.  This will be a positive experience your kids will never forget.

I'm gathering details right now. Costs for the bus (or 2) and hotel prices. BUT, I would like to have a PARENT MEETING THIS WEDNESDAY at 5pm in our building.

I"ll have a few more details by then. WGTB ALWAYS PAYS the costs for the Beaters.

Please check your calendars for Friday, December 4 from noon on through Sunday December 6 for availability.

Please do your very best to come to our building at 5pm THIS WEDNESDAY.