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STOMP Bus Trip to Bakersfield


    • Those traveling without their own parents should have money for food and any souvenirs they may want to purchase

    • Personal devices, games, etc are OK but we would like for the Beaters to join in on the group games Lexi and Robert will be running

    • Please be prepared for rain just in case

    • Please try to have everyone in your party go to the bathroom BEFORE arriving at our space.

You may park your car in any open parking space at our building. There will be a church service getting out about that time so the parking lot and bathrooms could be busy.

ASAP Load bus. We will be riding in an 81 seat double-decker bus. The bus will be parked on the street somewhere close to our building. Loading order: WGTB Secondary Beaters, WGTB Primary Beaters, parents and family.

The Beaters will be sitting together in the front of the top deck. Lexi and Robert will be taking care of games on the bus. The kids will have a GREAT time.

Drive to Bakersfield. You will want to either eat before arriving to the bus or bring something to eat for lunch on the bus. We won’t be stopping between Fresno and Bakersfield.

Arrive at the Arena and See Stomp. The show starts at 3:00pm and is approximately 1 hour 45 mins

After the show (about 5pm) we will board the bus and go to Valley Plaza Mall, 2701 Ming Ave, Bakersfield, CA to get something to eat.

About 6:15pm we will board the bus to head home.

Arrive home: 8:30pm-ish

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